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June 10, 2021
The EU will link the awarding of subsidies to digital application processes
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Development banks
CREALOGIX Yannick Lehmann
Yannick Lehmann
Global Sales Lead Public Sector

Outdated, inflexible, impossible to automate, and thus anything but efficient: manual application processes for public funding have become something of a relic at the latest during the COVID-19 pandemic. But there is hope.

The EU is pushing the transition to digital application processes. It has set itself the goal of linking its funding to a commitment to digital processes in future. This will result in procedural requirements, but above all also benefits for the funding banks – and ultimately also for the applicants.

The digitalised and thus highly automated processing of grant applications – for example for regional economic development, social projects and housing – is now becoming significantly easier. Payments reach applicants more quickly.

Consistent, fast, automated processing throughout the entire funding process

In Germany, for example, both private individuals and aspiring or established entrepreneurs receive funding through a total of 17 regional development banks, the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank. The federal states regulate how and through which channels the funding is granted differently. In addition, each bank has its own procedures for processing grant applications.

Apart from EU requirements to enable digital application for the coming funding period, there are of course also very practical considerations that received additional impetus during the corona virus pandemic: the flood of applications increased dramatically during this period, resulting in widespread processing delays. A remedy for such bottlenecks is continuous, fast, (partially) automated processing. In addition, a digital workflow contributes to lower processing costs and takes less time and resources. At the same time, operation becomes more convenient and interfaces and portal solutions more user-friendly and intuitive for advisors and customers.

A boost for the public sector: how portals become user-friendly, resource-friendly and faster

CREALOGIX has adopted general and process-specific important functional requirements, which all European development banks must guarantee equally, as a product-standard portal solution. Low programming effort on the one hand, and as much customisation potential as possible on the other, are not contradictions in the emerging product standard. Accordingly, the Swiss technology provider has developed a digital solution that can be configured to the individual needs of each institution in the public sector. The application and processing of grants as well as the underlying processes are drastically streamlined and get to the point better along the entire life cycle or funding cycle: from the application on the smartphone, tablet or PC to the processing and approval of a grant.

Incorporating even more innovations in the funding process

And the digitalisation of the public sector doesn't stop here: In order to award even more funding to optimise economic and social development in the respective country, further innovative developments are emerging along all contact points of the customer journey (or funding journey).

Find out more about how we make promotional banking easy and enable consistent, end-to-end digital processes that are independent and flexible:

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