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April 1, 2021
Achieving Greater Agility – with CREALOGIX
Achieving greater agility - with CREALOGIX digital solutions
Digital Banking
Digital Transformation
Helene Ackermann
Helene Ackermann
Vice President Group Sales & Marketing

Whether it’s the positive opportunities of digitalisation such as realising ESG aims and better operational efficiency, or tackling the crescendo of competitive threats from digitally-native challengers, the wealth & investing industry is now at the start of a decade-long race to go digital.

The pace of change, and advantages for moving faster, are only going to increase each year. This is why firms which can take advantage of financial technology, without having to reinvent the wheel, will gain a compounding benefit of acceleration.

CREALOGIX customer engagement solutions

CREALOGIX focuses on the system of engagement, providing UX and data integration technology that’s compatible with any internal core systems and with third party sources of data. Working with an independent, modern engagement layer means liberating your ambitions from the limitations of legacy architecture, accelerating customer experience improvements, and opening huge new opportunities to leverage the growing fintech ecosystem.

Focusing on visible, tangible improvements for clients

Specialising in the customer-visible improvements that financial institutions need to deliver to customers, CREALOGIX is a unique fintech ally for those who wish to move faster. Our solution for established financial businesses comprises:


Established technology platform

Product-based approach to delivering a modern front-end, exploiting proven components and architecture, prioritising speed of implementation without limiting future flexibility.


Expert managed services

We ensure your initial rollout is accomplished rapidly and successfully. After your application is live in the hands of customers, we work closely with you to keep your services secure and resilient.


Modular architecture, open digital future

Build out your digital roadmap using CREALOGIX components, third-party fintech applications and data, and your own custom developments – all on a consistent and future-ready architecture that puts you in control.

When rolling out new or refreshed digital services, our clients see immediate improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. With a modern and easily managed platform, our clients are positioned to attract new growth and build digital differentiation for their brand.


Talk to CREALOGIX about realising your digital roadmap faster and more successfully:

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