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SME Banking

Banks that serve small and medium enterprises can benefit from innovative technology that drives digital transformation

Lifeblood of the economy

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent a significant part of the world economy. Many have been impacted by the global Covid-19 pandemic – and are looking to banks to support them in this new world order.


CREALOGIX has 25 years’ experience of providing innovative technology to help banks meet the diverse and complex challenges that SMEs face. Now more than ever you need to be fast and agile in ensuring small businesses remain at the heart of the global economy.


Drive innovation




Maximise SME opportunities

Banks serving the SME sector need to not only help alleviate the impact of the recent pandemic, but also adapt and thrive in the face of new technology disruptors. It is vital for success to implement better digitisation strategies through technology adoption which can help you cut costs, remove redundant processes and increase the uptake by small businesses in the bank’s products and services.

CREALOGIX has deep knowledge and experience of enabling banks to meet the ever-changing needs of their SME customers. We deliver proven and robust technology that not only underpins your core services such as cash management, financing and funding, but also provides a digital transformation roadmap to help maximise SME commercial opportunities.

Digital transformation

Remain relevant to your SME customers by creating a connected commerce ecosystem based on open APIs 

Differentiate from challenger banks by combining existing services to SMEs with new digital initiatives

Ensure digital delivery of high-quality services to significantly improve SME customer experience

Ensure you have a 360° view of your SME customers and become more agile in meeting their specific needs

We fully believe that CREALOGIX is the right partner to help us deliver our multibanking.

Matthias Schönthal, Project Manager, Valiant

An agile response to
market dynamics

Stay ahead of the competition

Small businesses are constantly searching for the best ways to finance their expansion. As a bank serving SMEs, you need to be agile and provide services that are tailored to meet the growth plans of your customers.

CREALOGIX digital banking solutions are designed to help SME banks stay ahead of the competition and launch new products, while also creating a more personalised customer service.

Our technology helps you to not only meet, but also exceed SME customers’ expectations and build valuable, long-term relationships. We also enable cross-sell and upsell opportunities that enable you to optimise the financing advice you provide.

Dealing with legacy

In developing strategic responses to the dynamics of a fast-changing SME market, banks serving this sector are increasingly moving away from their legacy approach to IT development. 

There is growing recognition that building systems in-house is no longer desirable or affordable in the new digital era.

Partnering with CREALOGIX enables you to meet the complex, digital needs of your SME clients. We give you the ability to buy, rather than build, innovative technology – at less cost. Our robust and proven technology and flexible open API interfaces provide the path to connected commerce and faster time to market for your SME services and products.

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