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CREALOGIX Funding Portal

Funding Portal

An integrated digital funding portal that enables you to digitalise the entire funding process – from application to payout.

End-to-end digitalisation – it’s the future

The pandemic increased the already growing demand for digital funding applications. The challenge that institutions face is how to pivot to a digital service despite complex manual processes that include multiple stakeholders as well as the need for high security and regulatory compliance throughout.


CREALOGIX Funding Portal enables fully end-to-end digital processing of funding projects throughout the entire lifecycle, from application submission and management to the awarding of funding.


Automation and the convenience of digital services leads to increased efficiency in the institution and an improved experience for applications. The digital automation of the funding process meets the complex challenges of institutions awarding funds.

CREALOGIX Funding Portal
delivers significant
efficiency gains





A unique modular portal that covers all the bases

CREALOGIX Funding Portal features modules that can be used and adapted to meet your institution’s specific requirements.

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Press release

CREALOGIX develops client portal for seven German development banks.

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