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Retail Banking

Experience and innovative technology combine to drive digital transformation in the customer-centric, open banking era

Paradigm shift in retail banking

Retail banking is undergoing a massive paradigm shift. Incumbents are under pressure to address the growing competition from BigTechs and challenger banks, the evolving open banking API-led economy and increasingly stringent regulatory compliance.


With 25 years’ experience of providing retail banks with innovative technology, CREALOGIX can help you meet these and other challenges in an increasingly competitive, digital and customer-centric world.


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Drive innovation




Meet digital demands

Retail banks could once rely on customer loyalty. No more. Emerging BigTechs (such as Amazon and Apple) and pure-play digital challenger banks are changing all that. So how can retail bank incumbents integrate a new digital approach that ensures customer retention and new customer growth?


With our deep knowledge and experience of retail banking, CREALOGIX delivers proven and robust technology that not only makes bank customers feel secure, but also provides a digital transformation roadmap designed for the open banking era – ensuring your customers get a personalised, round-the-clock and mobile-everywhere banking experience.


Digital transformation

Make it easier for employees and customers to interact and enable self-services and digital signatures 

Differentiate from ‘new kids on the block’ by combining proven customer services with new digital initiatives

Achieve increased efficiency and enable employees to focus more on cross-selling and upselling services

Ensure you have a 360° view of your customers and become more agile in meeting their specific needs

At SGKB, we want to continue to offer our customers digitally attractive solutions. CREALOIGX's hybrid platform enables us to integrate new solutions into e-banking more quickly and easily and to continue to impress our customers with attractive user interfaces.

Falk Kohlmann, Head of Digital Banking, St. Galler Kantonalbank

Enhance experience for
end users and professionals

Benefits for bank customers

Although retail banking is a mass market business, each customer expects individual and tailor-made services–for example, for mortgage applications.

That means creating a seamless and consistent customer engagement experience via all channels that enables you to personalise your service to end users, whilst making it easy for them to interact via the channel of their choice.

CREALOGIX provides a single platform that operates across desktop, tablet and mobile, providing a seamless and secure customer experience layer. With our technology, your bank can grow existing business and take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Better service for professionals

Retail banking for professional users covers a wide range of roles, including front-office professionals, advisors, relationship managers and trustees.

To meet these disparate requirements, CREALOGIX provides retail banks with the ability to buy, rather than build, innovative technology – at less cost. That means you can stay ahead of technology trends and benefit from faster time to market.

We can help you take ownership of your digital banking strategy through our innovative technology and the in-depth knowledge and experience of our people. 

We can also help unify and integrate core internal and third-party systems.

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