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Crealogix Management


Group Executive Management

CREALOGIX Oliver Weber

Oliver Weber

Chief Executive Officer
CREALOGIX Richard Dratva

Dr. Richard Dratva

Chief Strategy Officer
CREALOGIX Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader

Chief Financial Officer
CREALOGIX David Moreno

David Moreno

Executive Vice President Spain

Senior Management Team

CREALOGIX Corinna de Maddalena

Corinna de Maddalena

Vice President Group Human Resources
CREALOGIX Michael Radic

Michael Radic

Executive Vice President Group Customer Implementation Services
CREALOGIX Sebastian Krahe

Sebastian Krahe

Executive Vice President Group Operations

Thomas Roth

Chief Technology Officer, Vice President Technology and Innovation
CREALOGIX Thomas Scheppe

Thomas Scheppe

Vice President Corporate Development
CREALOGIX Yannick Decaumont

Yannick Decaumont

Vice President Group Product Management

Regional Management Team

Almir Marghella CREALOGIX

Almir Marghella

Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe

John Ennis

Managing Director Northern Europe
CREALOGIX Karsten Kemna

Karsten Kemna

Managing Director APAC
Pablo Lacruz Deza

Pablo Lacruz Deza

Head of Sales Mediterranean & Middle East

Extended Leadership Team

CREALOGIX Daniel Scheiber

Daniel Scheiber

Group Head of Conversational & AI
CREALOGIX Jens Schubert

Jens Schubert

Group Chief Information Security Officer
CREALOGIX Martin Bordt

Martin Bordt

Vice President Group IT
CREALOGIX Yannick Lehmann

Yannick Lehmann

Global Sales Lead Public Sector

Board of Directors

CREALOGIX Bruno Richle

Bruno Richle

CREALOGIX Richard Dratva

Dr. Richard Dratva

Vice Chairman
CREALOGIX Christoph Schmid

Dr. Christoph Schmid

Member of the Board of Directors
CREALOGIX Ralph Mogicato

Ralph Mogicato

Member of the Board of Directors

Ruedi Noser

Member of the Board of Directors
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