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Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Accelerate your digital strategy with a solution used by global leaders in wealth management and delivered in just 3 months.

Innovate and differentiate

The increasing demands of today’s digitally-savvy investors, challenges from disruptors, the pace of change in investment portfolios – all are driving the need for innovation and differentiation in the wealth sector.

CREALOGIX can help. We have 25 years’ experience of providing banks and wealth management companies with innovative technology. That means we can give you a competitive edge, help you grow client business and ensure that digital delivers on its promise of driving new and exciting wealth management initiatives.


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Drive innovation



Meet digital demands

With an estimated 85 per cent of HNWIs (High Net Worth Individuals) demanding more digital interactions with wealth management companies, how can you meet those demands without losing focus on core client services? With our deep knowledge and experience of wealth management, investment management and private banking, CREALOGIX delivers proven and robust technology that not only underpins core activities, but also provides a roadmap for digital wealth management transformation – enabling your clients to interact how and when they want.

Digital transformation

Make it easier for employees and clients to interact and enable self-service where it adds most value

Differentiate your company from competitors by offering enhanced, client-centric digital services

Achieve increased efficiency and enable employees to focus more on revenue-generating activities

Ensure you have a 360° view of your clients and leverage technology to enhance personalisation of services

The ability to design the user experience to match our brand’s high standards is an important strength of the digital wealth management product from CREALOGIX.

Clem MacTaggart, Chief Operating Officer, Killik & Co

Enhance client
experience – at less cost

Improve customer engagement

For wealth and investment management advisors, serving clients the way they want is a primary goal. That means creating a seamless experience via digital channels that enables you to interact with clients via the channels of their choice.

CREALOGIX solutions provide a single platform that operates across desktop and iOS/Android, providing a seamless and secure client experience layer.

Using CREALOGIX technology, wealth and investment management companies and private banks can enhance client loyalty and attract new clients via convenient and differentiated digital services.

Buy, don’t build

Many wealth and investment management companies spend years trying to build new tools – at high cost and often without success. 

Imagine being able to buy rather than build innovative technology at less cost, stay ahead of technology trends and benefit from a competitive edge and fast time to market.

Imagine no more – CREALOGIX can help you take ownership of your digital investment services strategy through our technology solutions and the in-depth knowledge and experience of our people. We can unify and integrate core internal and third-party systems, so you can liberate the data and functionality your users need at their fingertips.

Useful resources

Customer Successes

Customer Successes

CREALOGIX provides solutions to some of the leading wealth and investment management companies and private banks:
Tilney, Hauck Aufhaeuser Lampe, LGT Vestra, 
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management, 
JM Finn, J. Safra Sarasin

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