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Personal, intelligent and engaging

CREALOGIX Conversational AI delivers next-generation customer interaction for financial institutions

Customer retention in the
digital age

Today, customers want to interact with financial institutions anytime, anywhere and via the channel(s) of their choice. They expect the same simplified digital interaction with financial institutions that they are used to with their other daily communications. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, call volumes have increased, customers are visiting bank branches less frequently and more customers are turning to online services for convenience. Therefore, it is important for financial institutions to have personalised and fully integrated communications channels in place to keep customers fully engaged.


CREALOGIX Conversational AI is the solution.



CREALOGIX Conversational AI
CREALOGIX Daniel Scheiber

Daniel Scheiber

Vice President Digital Banking Switzerland & UK

Achieve your goals with CREALOGIX Conversational AI

Reduction in call centre volume
Reduction of call length
Increase in sales volume
Cost reduction per call

Improve engagement, drive growth

CREALOGIX Conversational AI combines the power of artificial intelligence and automation with next-generation digital personalised customer communications. Our scalable solution encompasses simple chat conversations to complex process-handling via AI-based personal virtual assistants.


By integrating and leveraging these capabilities in a seamless and complementary way, customers and prospects can easier interact with financial institutions. CREALOGIX Conversational AI enables smart, real-time customer interactions that lead to better engagement, new levels of efficiency and increased revenue opportunities that really drive growth.




CREALOGIX Conversational AI


Enhanced customer interactions with AI

CREALOGIX Conversational AI enables financial institutions to implement smarter and more insightful real-time customer interactions. There are benefits on both sides: customers receive answers to their queries faster, whilst financial institutions can find out from every customer conversation how to enhance the services they provide.


Our Assistant provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across any application, device or channel. Using Artificial Intelligence, the Assistant learns from customer conversations, improving its ability to resolve issues quickly, removing the frustration of long wait times, tedious searches and unhelpful chatbots.

CREALOGIX Conversational AI – the key benefits

How financial institutions can benefit from Conversational AI’s capabilities to open up and enhance customer interactions.


  • Digital dialogue: enable a multi-channel
    approach to digitally engage with customers


  • Secure: ensure secure and compliant
    messaging when interacting with customers


  • Relationship: enable two-way dialogue
    that reinforces customer-advisor relationships


  • Campaigns: execute personalised campaigns
    digitally via different channels

CREALOGIX Conversational (app concept overview)

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