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Public Sector

Digital end-to-end funding application processing for institutions allocating grants accelerates the funding lifecycle and delivers efficiency benefits

The digital funding lifecycle

Whether you are a development bank, a ministry, a municipality or another funding institute, the whole process of allocating grant- or loan-based subsidies can be time-consuming and complex.


These challenges have been magnified due to the huge increase in applications for funding during the pandemic. CREALOGIX is helping institutions to meet those challenges by enabling fully digital processing of funding projects throughout the entire funding lifecycle – from application submission to awarding funds. The entire application process can be managed rapidly and securely, without disruption, while ensuring full EU regulatory compliance.


Increase efficiency and convenience with digital processes




Helping to maximise funding opportunities

What are the digital funding application processes that development banks and other institutions in the public sector need to activate and manage? How can they meet customer demands in the post-pandemic era? And when it comes to start-up funding, what are the needs versus reality?

CREALOGIX delivers a premium digital interface for established funding application processes with leading development banks, providing them with a 100% digital portal hosted in the cloud. It’s the future of digital funding – happening now.

The benefits of digital transformation


Increase the efficiency and transparency of application processing, whilst automating the entire process


Create and customise digital application processes with ease and flexibility


Ensure user-friendly selection of grant programs and application processes, while ensuring seamless communication


Benefit from the only product standard that is continuously adapted to EU regulatory requirements (e-cohesion)

Our goal with the portal solution from CREALOGIX is to achieve a considerable simplification and thus reduction of the necessary process steps for our customers, as well as a reduction in the processing effort on the part of the funding institutions involved.

Michael Kiesewetter, CEO of Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen

Enabling institutions to
fully digitise grant

User-friendly digital processing

The funding applicant can manage the entire process digitally. It starts with the selection of the grant and continues with the procurement of information and the submission of the application.

The entire application lifecycle continues with the legitimation process and post-processing.

Everything takes place in one place via one interface, without any media discontinuity, making application processing using the CREALOGIX Funding Portal easier and faster.

Highest application quality

The completely digital application process enabled by the CREALOGIX Funding Portal allows feasibility checks to be carried out as early as the data entry stage, saving any wasted time.

The downstream checking and approval processes performed on the portal side also contribute to data quality, so that the documents received are of the highest quality. In addition, ineligible applications are sorted out in advance using rules and regulations, saving time and costs.

Useful resources

Customer Successes

Executive summary

The executive summary provides a compact overview of the advantages, use cases and success stories of the CREALOGIX Funding Portal.

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Customer Successes

Use case NBank

The NBank implemented the digital customer portal for the energy cost subsidy with CREALOGIX in just three weeks.

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