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Raisin achieves successful interest rate portals with CREALOGIX Digital Hub

In 2014 Raisin introduced a completely new business idea: Digital interest rate marketplaces should enable private investors to invest overnight money and time deposits easily and securely with European banks – ultimately making investments more attractive. To achieve this, the Berlin start-up needed a technological infrastructure that could process an immense amount of data in real time. The CREALOGIX Digital Hub is a digital platform with an open architecture that enables Raisin to integrate its interest rate marketplaces into third-party banking systems.


CREALOGIX, partner for digital banking solutions

From the inception of its organisation, Raisin identified CREALOGIX as ist partner for digital banking solutions. Thanks to CREALOGIX’s sophisticated Digital Hub, Raisin reduced its time-to-market significantly and rapidly expanded the reach of the portals, and These portals, which bring together investors and banks, are highly stable and process enormous volumes of data in real time.


Through the open API architecture of the CREALOGIX Digital Hub, the interest rate portals can be inserted into the banking environments of partner companies so that customers can make partial use of the Raisin offers without leaving their app or online portal.

Since its launch, more than 150,000 customers have invested more than eight billion euros via the portals. Users can currently choose from over 250 products from 50 banks in 15 European countries. Raisin has extended the offering to business customers and is now offering other simple investment products in addition to daily and fixed-term deposits.

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