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May 31, 2022
June 2022: Research & Innovation
CREALOGIX Insights June 2022: Research & Innovation

At CREALOGIX, our strategy is to invest in innovation. Our extensive R&D effort enables us to offer financial institutions secure, customer-focussed digital solutions. In the latest issue of Insights, we take a closer look at some of the research that goes into our solutions and the wider expertise that supports their development. 

This issue includes an expert interview with one of our product manager to find out how our leading digital banking solutions are delivered. This issue also includes external validation of the value of our leading conversational AI solution for financial institutions, the compelling reasons for digitalisation in SME banking and details of how co-creation workshops deliver value to our wealth management clients. 

Highlights of this special edition of CREALOGIX Insights: 

  • Accelerating digital innovation with CREALOGIX NeoApp 
  • Expert research on conversational banking 
  • SME Funding requirements and the need for digitalisation 
  • How we lead the market in digital wealth solutions 


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