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November 4, 2021
Special Issue November 2021: Development banks
CREALOGIX Insights Special Issue November 2021: Development Banks

What are the digital funding and application processes that development banks need to activate and manage? How can they meet customer demands in the post-pandemic era? And when it comes to start-up funding, what are the needs versus reality? Find the answers to these and many other questions on digital funding in this special edition of CREALOGIX Insights for Development banks.

CREALOGIX is currently working with six leading development banks in Germany, providing them with a portal enabling a digital solution hosted in the cloud for processing funding applications. This edition of Insights reveals our learnings from our work with the development banks, with some unique insights from our team into how other banks can adopt new ways of working to ensure successful digitalisation funding. Download your free copy of Insights to learn more.

Highlights of this special edition of CREALOGIX Insights:

  • Meeting the pandemic challenge 
  • Start-up funding – need versus reality
  • Digitisation – that’s what we all want!
  • Coming out of the jungle


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