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January 14, 2021
CREALOGIX and FIDUCIAL WINBIZ seal cooperation agreement

As part of adjustments to its product range, CREALOGIX will no longer offer its own business management software, BusinessMaker, and cooperates in the future with the Swiss company FIDUCIAL WINBIZ SA. Their solution WINBIZ is already used by more than 900 trustees and 35,000 companies in Switzerland.

In an effort to streamline its product range, CREALOGIX will no longer develop its BusinessMaker management software and will end support for the solution at the end of 2021.  This is in line with the company’s plans to consolidate its product range and shift its focus onto more strategic platform products.

New ERP offered also as SaaS

From today, CREALOGIX will offer its customers the WINBIZ business management solution.  Existing customers have already been notified; by using WINBIZ they will benefit from an extended solution that offers more comprehensive functionalities, such as billing, accounting and payroll management.

As WINBIZ uses the same interfaces as BusinessMaker, customers can communicate with their Swiss banking partners in the usual way.  In addition, a similar software layout means that it’s easy to migrate to WINBIZ, including bringing across inventory history.  Another benefit for customers is that they can use WINBIZ on a SaaS-basis for a fixed monthly fee; companies can roll out WINBIZ to any number of users at different locations without having to acquire individual licenses, though they can also deploy the solution on-premise if they so wish.

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