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June 3, 2020
CREALOGIX becomes a member of the consortium

As a member of the consortium, leading digital banking software provider CREALOGIX emphasises its aim to advance the development of open banking in Switzerland.

With its membership of the OpenBankingProject, CREALOGIX is committed to an open digital ecosystem, where the needs of bank customers are put first and foremost. Standard APIs are needed to enable banks and third-party providers to exchange data with solutions such as CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub. With its first published API known as Swiss NextGen API, the OpenBankingProject relies on the established European industry standard NextGenPSD2 and has adapted it to meet Swiss regulatory requirements. CREALOGIX will use its interface know-how that it has gained from working on numerous international PSD2 implementations, and drive Open Banking forward in Switzerland through the consortium. Simon Bleher, project manager of the initiative and senior consultant at the Business Engineering Institute in St.Gallen:

“We are delighted to welcome CREALOGIX as a member of Using its expertise in the financial industry and IT, CREALOGIX will make a significant contribution to accelerating the adoption of the Swiss API standard and to develop new areas of business,”

Daria Mühlethaler, head of API ecosystem of the CREALOGIX Group, adds:

“The OpenBankingProject provides standardised interfaces so fintechs and banks can come together and collaborate. Together, we want to work out specifications that all market players can rely on. As a strong community, we want to make an important contribution to the digitisation of the Swiss financial market.”

Daniel Weckmann, head sales retail banks at CREALOGIX, adds:

“Even in the current climate, we are supporting the digital needs of our banks’ customers. Our customers want to make complex advisory services such as retirement planning, investment strategy or mortgages available with a high degree of security and at any time on mobile devices and via online banking. With its Digital Banking Hub and standardised APIs, CREALOGIX is fulfilling an important role as an enabler for banks.”

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