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August 25, 2020
CREALOGIX launches Conversational Banking as SaaS solution to help drive customer loyalty
Conversational banking: CREALOGIX makes communicating via messaging platforms possible

When secure and self-contained processes are developed in digital and mobile banking using the same formats, the focus is squarely on customer loyalty. CREALOGIX Conversational allows banks to engage and interact with customers securely and easily, independent of existing systems. Overall, the new toolset offers banks a wide range of possibilities to get closer to their customers.

Conversational banking opens up a world of opportunities in wealth management and retail banking. Until now, communication between banks and customers has been ad hoc and used various formats. However, in everyday life, messaging systems such as WhatsApp have established themselves as important communication tools and have led to a change in the way we communicate. Conversational banking brings this behaviour to the world of interacting with banks; both the bank and customer can now make banking transactions anytime and anywhere. CREALOGIX Conversational provides banks with the necessary toolset, which comes equipped with high security, regulatory compliance and a wide range of integration options.

Strengthen customer relationships through a tailored approach

Processes in financial services are already structured, somewhat digitized and partially tailored to meet the characteristics of individual customer types. Now, the customer experience in personal conversations in bank branches can be fulfilled digitally through secure, customizable offers and approaches. So the processes can be completely digital, CREALOGIX Conversational not only comes with secure authentication but also document management, digital signing processes, push notifications and forms to standardise the input of information.

"With Conversational Banking, we are entering a new era of digital and mobile banking. We can offer CREALOGIX Conversational as a system-independent module of our existing Digital Banking Hub and as an independent SaaS solution. The solution is particularly appealing to customers who want to take advantage of the benefits of Conversational Banking without having to undertake a major integration project.”

Martin Unterbäumen, Head of Product Management at CREALOGIX

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