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May 27, 2019
Go-live of the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform at VZ Depotbank

Customers of VZ Depotbank can now access all features of the VZ financial portal via a mobile banking app. With the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform, VZ Depotbank centralises mobile banking, asset management, stock exchange trading and current financial news on one platform. The user experience is further enhanced with the 'Mobile-Only' approach.

VZ Depotbank relies on the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform to ensure that its  banking services more closely mirror the digital environment of its customers. The solution from the digital banking software provider combines a wide variety of applications in a single app. Thanks to the secure and flexibly expandable platform, customers of VZ Depotbank can now execute all of their desired transactions and access all financial information and services via a single app. Also at VZ Depotbank, a financial news app of the Web Financial Group is provided as a third-party component via the Mobile Application Platform.

"We are delighted with the successful implementation of the new platform. It follows a consistent all-in-one approach. The main advantage is the great benefit for the customer: They can access all features more easily and conveniently."

Marc Weber, CEO, VZ Depotbank.

VZ Depotbank serves customers both in Switzerland and in Germany, which is why the financial institution works with two core banking systems, some of whose functionalities differ. With the CREALOGIX Public APIs, new solutions were seamlessly linked to both core banking systems. Via these standardised CREALOGIX interfaces, both the Digital Banking Hub and the Mobile Application Platform could be integrated into the IT landscape of VZ's finance portal. This also ensures data synchronisation so that VZ customers in Germany and Switzerland have access to a visually uniform portal.

"The comprehensive VZ financial portal offers various features: mobile banking, asset management, or stock exchange trading. With the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform, it has been possible to combine the various services functionally and visually into one app. This enables VZ Depotbank to offer its customers a completely new type of banking."

Marcel Bopp, Project Manager Implementation and Account Manager VZ Depotbank, CREALOGIX

Authentication became simpler and even more secure for VZ Depotbank customers at the end of last year: in addition to the previous FotoTAN, the push procedure is now available. For example, bank customers only have to confirm a push message on their smartphone to log in or initiate a transaction. The new form of authentication can also be used for online banking and is therefore also attractive for users who wish to continue to carry out their banking transactions on their desktop. As an alternative to logging in with a username and password, it is also possible to log in with a Touch ID or Face ID.

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