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November 27, 2019
Valiant takes a step towards open banking with CREALOGIX

With its new multibanking service, Valiant Bank enables its corporate clients to link all of their accounts, including those of third-party banks, to their Valiant account. As a result, customers can work more efficiently by using just one set of login credentials across all bank accounts. The integration is based on the Open Banking product CREALOGIX NovaCore.

Since November, the multibanking platform CREALOGIX NovaCore has enhanced online banking for Valiant clients by allowing the SME bank to integrate third-party services and processes. Using a single login, the bank’s corporate clients can centralise all of their bank accounts, retrieve account information in an aggregated view, and undertake account transfers conveniently to and from third-party banks. A financial assistant automates the cash flow statement. Valiant Multibanking for SMEs has therefore proven to be a simple and intuitive solution that enables efficient and comprehensive cash and liquidity management.

Michael Niederjohann, Head of Digital Payment at CREALOGIX, explains:

“Today, customers demand simple and convenient banking where they can use third-party processes and benefit from offers using one single solution. Valiant has recognised this need for Open Banking; by opening up access to its IT interfaces, it has become a pioneer in the Swiss finance industry. We are delighted to accompany Valiant on its journey into the future of open banking. Thanks to the modularity and openness of CREALOGIX NovaCore, Valiant benefits from a solution that fully meets needs of the its customers.”

Three specialist partners cooperate to enable rapid implementation

For Valiant, it was important to choose partners that would enable the inclusion of additional interfaces so that it could create an attractive financial ecosystem for its customers. Third-party bank accounts are integrated in Valiant's multibanking offering via the CREALOGIX integration platform, and the solution is powered by Contovista Business Finance Manager and Swisscom. Collaboration between the partners ran smoothly, and the project took less than ten months from start to go-live in November. Valiant project manager Matthias Schönthal comments:

“Thanks to the excellent cooperation of all partners involved in the project, we were able to create real value for our SME clients within a very short time. We fully believe that CREALOGIX is the right partner to help us deliver our multibanking services.”

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