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Core technology of CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub enables you to develop and deploy digital banking and wealth management initiatives

Open. Modular. Scalable.

CREALOGIX Foundation is innovative technology that enables you to create and deploy digital applications to meet the needs of your customers. The technology is open and modular, so you can build out numerous banking and wealth management functionality and ensure connectivity to core and third-party systems.

CREALOGIX Foundation–fundamental to your digital banking success

A solid foundation for digital banking services

CREALOGIX Foundation provides a solid and flexible software foundation on which banks and wealth management firms can build their digital banking initiatives.

As cloud-based, SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, you can take a ‘buy, don’t build’ approach to digital banking that is modular, customisable and fast to deploy. Our software can operate independently of your core or third-party systems, but can provide seamless open banking connectivity through APIs.

Scalability and flexibility are built in

CREALOGIX Foundation is scalable technology that provides you with the flexibility to easily develop, deploy and maintain a combination of functionality for digital banking and wealth management services. 

It also provides you with the ability to manage and extend capabilities at all levels, from business logic to APIs and front-end apps. A user-friendly interface and easily accessible navigation allows customers, partners and third-parties to access their own information in a personalised and convenient way.

How we engage with customers