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Mobile Application Platform

Provide your customers with fast and easy mobile access to banking and wealth management information, anytime, anywhere

Easy smartphone engagement

CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform, part of CREALOGIX Digital Hub, allows you to engage more effectively with today’s smartphone users. You can enable them to access banking and wealth management information anytime, anywhere from their iOS or Android devices – flexibly and securely.

The routemap to secure
mobile engagement

Maximum security for mobile banking

With CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform your customers can be offered smartphone-specific app functionality with enhanced security.

It is designed for maximum security of sensitive bank data and includes key functions such as authentication and signing transactions.

In addition, we conduct regular security audits in order to keep the software up to date with the latest security standards. And we identify any likely weak points and rectify them promptly to ensure these standards are maintained.

Easy integration into a single app

CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform provides a flexible route to all your mobile banking transactions. Our solution is based on an open and modular architecture – which means that external web applications and native apps can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly.

With this framework, which is part of CREALOGIX Digital Hub, you can select the features you want to provide to your customers via the app. These are available as standard plug-ins, for example a smartphone camera, which can be used as a payment feature enabling your customers to easily scan a QR code.

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