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September 30, 2020
CREALOGIX and partner to deliver a secure digital banking platform on the cloud
CREALOGIX and partner to deliver a secure digital banking platform on the cloud
Digital Banking

It takes strong technology and partners to modernize a long-standing digital banking platform to the cloud. CREALOGIX and partner up to enable banking customers to benefit from secure online banking solutions delivered on modern and cloud-native, Kubernetes-based technologies.

CREALOGIX, the leading digital banking software provider, and, the modern API infrastructure company and 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor, join forces to modernize digital and mobile banking services to cloud-native architecture. Moving into an open-banking world requires additional measures in securing API-access to a bank’s valuable data and services. As banks aim to expand their partner ecosystem and integrate new solutions, the CREALOGIX team ensured the new platform did that in a secure and reliable way by integrating market leading Kubernetes-based solutions designed for rapid innovation and cloud scale on agile infrastructure.

At the core of the solution is Kubernetes and the vision to build modularity into the platform to build a library of solutions and deliver them individually to customers as needed. The initial solutions include functions like advisory and payment processes. CREALOGIX needed a gateway to enable this modularity and simplify external access to the solutions APIs while protecting the bank’s assets.

Kubernetes & Gloo Enterprise

Gloo Enterprise, the API gateway by was selected and integrated into the banking solutions platform to enable the modularity in managing the APIs and to secure API access. Gloo is a modern API gateway built with Envoy Proxy and is Kubernetes-native in design and architecture to seamlessly integrate into a Kubernetes environment for security and performance at scale.

The CREALOGIX evaluation process included investigation into several market-leading gateway products complete with several proofs of concept to validate the technology.

Gloo’s functionality not only fulfilled the existing requirements but also impressed the team with its overall vision. The partnership between CREALOGIX and started during the extended validation phase as they worked together to add financial industry specific functionality to Gloo. With the close collaboration between the CREALOGIX and teams firmly established, the development and support organizations were ready to deliver the new secure, Kubernetes-based online and mobile banking platform to customers.

Daria Mühlethaler, Head of API Ecosystems at CREALOGIX, says:

“Our partnership with is outstanding: we want to transform digital banking into a new level of open, innovative and engaging banking platforms.”

Idit Levine, CEO and Founder, says:

“Working with CREALOGIX has been a wonderful collaboration to innovate together on Gloo, specifically addressing the unique needs of modern banking, and to help bring cloud-native technology like Kubernetes and Envoy Proxy to financial services.”

The CREALOGIX banking solution will start shipping to customers across Europe and Asia very soon. To learn more about the CREALOGIX solution, get in contact now. Gloo API gateway is available in open source and enterprise editions. Learn more about Gloo here and request a trial to get started.

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