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October 29, 2019
Open Banking Use Cases – CREALOGIX Top 10
Open Banking Use Cases – CREALOGIX Top 10 (Infographic)
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10 future banking ideas that consumers want to get their hands on right now: CREALOGIX presents practical use cases for open banking which show signs of having consumer interest from early adopters. Which financial brands will be the first to roll out these innovations and bring open banking benefits to the masses?

When we surveyed UK consumers in 2019, we discovered that many people have not heard of “open banking”, or their feelings about what it means are lukewarm, even negative. Yet when we asked the same people if they would be interested in a series of specific features soon to be made available through open banking, significant numbers are actually keen to try them out, particularly where it could save them time or money. In attracting new users and keeping digital banking customers loyal, convenience rules.

Clearly, open banking poses a major competitive opportunity for financial institutions which are able to leverage modern, API-enabled platforms and become early movers bringing open banking features to market.

Our infographic below gives you an overview of some of the top real-world use cases that we foresee being created and popularised in the open banking race that’s begun worldwide…

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open banking use cases

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For more commentary on the ideas in this infographic, read our views in Bobsguide: What do consumers want to use Open Banking for?

Open banking research

To read a summary of our UK consumer research findings, go here to get our open banking awareness and adoption report.

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This CREALOGIX open banking infographic features images by Freepik – thanks guys!

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