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March 9, 2022
March 2022: User Experience
CREALOGIX Insights March 2022: User Experience

At a time when almost everything is accessible digitally, User Experience (UX) can differentiate successful digital financial brands from failures. The global pandemic has shifted customers’ expectations, forcing financial institutions to set the bar higher in terms of UX as a new generation of post-pandemic consumers emerges.

In the 7th edition of CREALOGIX Insights, we outline how UX challenges can be met through a well-thought-out methodology. We also explore supporting solutions that enable financial brands to integrate personalised, positive user experiences that form an emotional connection with customers.

Highlights of the UX edition of CREALOGIX Insights:

  • The gamification of financial apps
  • What are the key challenges facing financial brands in designing great UX
  • How do digital banking and UX requirements vary across different regions of the world?
  • How to optimise the digital user experience of your customers
  • Achieve next-generation customer interactions


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