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June 3, 2019
Mobile Payments: CREALOGIX Supports the Activation of Google Pay

Swiss multinational digital banking software provider, CREALOGIX supports the activation of credit cards for the Google Pay mobile payment system within banking apps. This enables banks to offer their customers an easy way to connect credit cards with Google Pay, enabling them to use their smartphone or smartwatch for contactless payments.

For activation, bank customers will need their banking app, an NFC-capable mobile device, a valid credit card, and a current version of the Google Pay app. To activate a credit card for Google Pay, bank customers will need to provide one-off approval for their card for the relevant payment system, and confirm using a TAN, in addition to agreeing to the terms and conditions of use for the relevant payment system and/or the respective bank in the Google Pay app. In this process, a token is used to store a virtual credit card on the end device, which can then be used for payment in physical or online shops.

Martin Unterbäumen, VP Global Product Management at CREALOGIX said:

“Consumers want convenience and they want to know that the convenience does not come at the cost of security. The payment app revolution is underway and banks need to ensure their customers can use this with all the benefits as part of their personalizable offering, with premium user experiences and with the peace of mind that security is the highest priority. CREALOGIX is working with banks across the globe to help their customers connect with Google Pay without leaving the banking app. This delivers exactly to the customers’ expectations in the mobile banking era."

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May 27, 2019
Customers of VZ Depotbank can now access all features of the VZ financial portal via a mobile banking app. With the CREALOGIX Mobile Application Platform, VZ Depotbank centralises mobile banking, asset management, stock exchange trading and current financial news on one platform. The user experience is further enhanced with the 'Mobile-Only' approach.
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