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August 17, 2022
Delivering innovative, premium digital wealth services in Asia 
CREALOGIX Blog - Delivering innovative, premium digital wealth services in Asia
Digital Banking

CREALOGIX recently delivered an innovative digital wealth solution for one of the largest commercial banks in Thailand. With well over a thousand branches across the country, the bank has a wide customer base and required a digital wealth solution that met the needs of their growing customer base and their expert advisors.

Innovative digital wealth app with real-time data 

The installation recently went live with a new mobile application for account holders. The new standalone app authenticates via the existing banking application, which means that it delivers a seamless experience for customers between banking and wealth management accounts. In addition, account holders can view detailed information on their holdings and positions. As well as being a benefit for customers, the self-service functionality ensures efficiency gains in the organisation as advisors focus on more complex tasks that add value to customers and the bank.  

Empowering advisors to deliver a premium hybrid wealth service 

The digital solution also includes an innovative platform that empowers Wealth Advisors and Relationship Managers with contextual information on their clients and their assets to better execute new investment proposals quickly and efficiently. This solution is run on Kubernetes, which drives down maintenance and deployment costs. This in turn ensures that the bank can respond faster to changes in the market, delivering a timely service to customers.  

Digital partners provide a foundation for growth 

Our work with the bank supports their plans to expand their presence in the wealth management market. Their aim is to grow the customer base whilst keeping the manpower low, with a team of Expert Advisors and Relationship Managers. This powerful combination of an intuitive, secure digital service for customers and an advisor platform to drive efficiency will help the bank achieve their goals. Our role was to deliver the scalable technology and as a partner, we also integrated digital support via Unblu with screenshare and chat using Gloo as an API gateway. This solution will reduce the number of time-consuming telephone enquiries by providing real-time data to be shared with the client on demand and further support scalable growth.  

Supporting the digital ambitions of financial institutions 

The approach to the project also shows the value of the technology partners. Financial institutions with ambitious plans for growth and diversification must focus on their customers and their strategy. Our role as a technology partner is to contribute more than just the software solution; it is to share our expertise and work in true partnership with banks to help them realise their goals. Expectations are continuing to rise in digital financial services and banks must keep pace with their customers’ requirements and innovate to stay ahead of a rapidly changing market. This project with a major bank in Thailand demonstrates the value of technology to deliver premium customer service through digital channels and achieve rapid growth at scale.

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