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April 22, 2021
Reducing wasteful paper
CREALOGIX - reducing wasteful paper
Digital Banking
Kim Woodhood
Kim Woodhall
Product Lead for Digital Wealth

The elimination of paper within an organisation has proven benefits in terms of efficiency gains and cost-savings. Delivered with a customer-focussed digital solution, the switch to paperless can also boost client loyalty and attract a new client-base of HNWIs who have money to invest, including younger clients who will expect a high-quality digital experience.

CREALOGIX - reducing wasteful paper infographic

As well as the quantifiable commercial benefits, a reduction in the use of paper can prove beneficial to the firm’s brand and reputation due to a reduced carbon footprint. With environmental issues high on the agenda for investors looking to build portfolios around ESG principles, a look at the wealth management firm’s own commitment to protecting the environment could prove essential for maintaining client loyalty and attracting new investors. Read more about going paperless in our latest edition of CREALOGIX Insights – Digital Wealth.

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