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January 26, 2023
January 2023: Retail Banking
CREALOGIX Insights January 2023: Retail Banking

The banking market has changed so much in recent years. The arrival of neobank challengers, combined with a greater usage of digital banking at the height of the pandemic has changed the landscape irrevocably. Customers now have more choice than ever and they’re moving away from providers that don’t deliver what they expect to see via digital banking challengers.

This issue takes a closer look at the implications of customer-centric retail banking and the opportunities for established banks to take the lead in a competitive market. From cutting edge technologies such as AI and cryptocurrency to a reimagining of traditional lending processes, our expert team shows how customer-centric digital banking tools will drive trends in retail banking.

Further highlights of this edition of CREALOGIX Insights include:

  • Banking as a Service (BaaS) as an opportunity for established banks
  • Mobile banking, UX and winning back market share from neobanks
  • Maintaining customer loyalty in the era of digital banking

Our trends report on retail banking could be of interest to you as well: "To lead in retail banking, incorporate these key drivers in your strategy" - download the report here.


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