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May 16, 2023
To lead in retail banking, incorporate these key drivers in your strategy
CREALOGIX Retail Banking Trend Report

Retail banking has changed significantly in the last two years. New customer behaviour post-pandemic, coupled with new technology has advanced digital banking and opened up new ways for banks to reach their customers. 

In this report, the expert CREALOGIX team takes a look at the key drivers of change in the banking industry and the impact on customer behaviour. We also show how banks can address the challenges and maximise the opportunities that these changes will bring for the industry. We look at why and how digital banking is growing and evolving, including:

  • Hyper-personalisation
  • Digital Marketing
  • ESG and Sustainability
  • Consumer credit
  • Data acquisition
  • Digital currencies

Download the full report to understand what factors are driving the change in customers’ expectations and behaviour, and how banks can successfully navigate the changes to the industry.

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