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Application management
Public sector
Michael Bramm
Application and approval processes are an important part of the day-to-day business of many public organisations. However, these processes are often time-consuming, prone to errors and inefficient because they are still manual and paper-based. A digital application and approval platform can provide a solution.
Digital Banking
Thomas Roth
Every day brings fresh headlines about the cost-of-living crisis. This is an opportunity for banks to deliver excellent value, sharing their experience and expertise at scale via digital banking channels. Here are our top three features that customers expect when it comes to help with money management.

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Digital Banking
CREALOGIX recently published a report on SME banking. Working with Censuswide, our research team spoke with Financial Directors at SMEs and senior executives at major banks in Germany, Switzerland and the UK
Digital Banking
One area that stood out in our research study was the need for greater education amongst those interested in crypto. The inclusion of an education programme via a digital interface and secure, convenient interaction with an advisor could be a powerful value driver as banks and wealth management firms take their crypto offerings to the market.
Digital Banking
Marinko Babic
After an extraordinary year in the financial industry, one important realisation is a greater need for the rapid launch of contemporary digital offerings. Financial institutions are upgrading in the areas of mobile and digital banking, creating ecosystems and launching digital second brands.
Digital Banking
SME banking
John Ennis
A recent report from McKinsey states that when it comes to banking, SMEs often find themselves stranded between large corporations and retail customers in terms of both products available and service delivery. This is a significant risk to banks because SMEs have traditionally received less focus and digital challengers are growing in the market to fill the gap. In the GCC countries in the Middle East, this certainly appears to be the case and one of the major challenges is around funding.
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